PRINTER ICON – click this button to print at anytime.


A.  Change Pin - Don't like your randomly assigned PIN number?  You feel the number is no longer secure?  Go to PIN Maintenance and change it as often as you wish.  Of course, if forgotten what your PIN number is, use the PIN Request on the Registrar.s Web Page, and the system will send your current PIN number to your BVU E-mail account.

B.  Demographic Data - This will display some of the demographic information BVU has stored on you.  You can view it and check it for accuracy.  You may change your permanent address and phone number.  If other information is incorrect or incomplete, please notify the Registrar.s Office so we can update your records.  If changed your address, please notify the Registrar.s Office if your county needs updated as well.

C.  Review/Pay Account – This will show your current billing information.

D. Review Financial Aid – This shows your current Financial Aid awards.



A.  Add/Drop Courses – This is where you can add or drop courses from your schedule.

B. Course Availability - This will display the courses offered in a term. This function also appears under Reg.r/Add/Drop Courses, but just gives you another way to do things.

C.  Degree Audit - This will display your current degree plan, or you can use the .Degree Exploration. function – look at your degree audit using different majors and/or minors.

D.  View Schedule - You can view your schedule.

E.  View Grades - Once a grade has been entered by BVU staff, that grade appears under grade report, even if not ALL grades have been entered.  Grades are not final until appearing on your transcript.  No more waiting for the postman, or trying to read the self-carboning report cards!

F.  Unofficial Transcript – This will display your BVU transcript, (either undergraduate or graduate) grades, courses, credit hours, gpa.s.



You may order your textbooks online through the BVU Lehnus Campus Bookstore, operated by Follett Inc.

A.  Holds - If you have any holds on your account, you will not be able to use the campus connect system.  Possible holds are:  Financial Hold – please contact the Business Office.  Class -   the system will not allow you to register ahead of your scheduled time period.

B.  Error Messages - .There was an error ADDING the specified course.  Permission of the instructor is required to add this course..  This means you will have to come to the Registrar.s Office/GPS Site Office with the instructor.s signature in order to be enrolled in this course.  Click OK on the error to proceed.

.There was an error ADDING the specified course.  There is a time conflict with the course you tried to add with another course in which you are already enrolled.  Course XXXX meets during the same period..  If the time overlap is small and the instructors involved approved, you may still add by bringing an addslip to the Registrar.s Office/GPS Site Office.  Click OK on the error to proceed, or you can drop the first and add the second class.

.There was an error ADDING the specified course.  Your schedule is full..  The system will not let you enroll for more than 17 hours during a semester or more than 9 hours for a term.  To take more hours,  you must have an academic action approved first.

.There was an error ADDING the specified course.  The course you tried to add is closed...  You will need to select a different course or section that is open.

.User validation has failed.  Please contact the Registrar.s Office for assistance.  Student ID: [shows how you entered it].  Option: [OK button]..  This means you have entered your  ID number incorrectly, or at least differently than the information the Registrar.s Office has stored for you.

.The specified PIN does not match validation value.  Please contact the Registrar.s Office for assistance..  This means you entered your PIN number incorrectly.  Try again and if it still fails, go the Registrar.s Office web page and choose the PIN REQUEST option, to have your PIN number emailed to your BVU email account.

C. Timing Out - If you do not perform keystokes in the Campus Connect system for several minutes, it will take you back to the prompt for student id and PIN number.  This is a security feature for those who may forget to exit the system when finished.




Your catalog is determined by when you began courses at BVU.  Students always have the option to go to a newer catalog, but never to ones older than when they began at BVU. 

The first thing you should know, is that there are actually two versions of the catalog.  Because the Elementary Ed major requires specific 12 hour concentration areas – groups of courses that cannot be used toward Explorations or Foundations or education support work, we needed to divide the catalog into Elementary Ed and everything else.  While you can shop around for different majors or minors, only the Registrar.s Office can change you from one catalog to another. If you want or need to do that, just give them a call at 2233, or email and they.ll fix you up.

Under the Degree Audit function, you.ll have options to use your Current Degree Plan, (what the Registrar.s Office thinks your major and/or minors are), or Degree Exploration.  If you want to use your current degree plan, just click on that button, and your degree audit will be displayed.  It will show Intellectual Explorations, Intellectual Foundations, major, and second major, minor, or concentration you have, and your elective hours.

Or, if you.d like to see what a different major, adding a minor, or adding 5-12 teaching would do for your major, choose Degree Exploration option.  The first thing you have to decide is – are you getting a BS or BA or BAS degree.  BS degrees are majors in the School of Science – Biology, Chemistry, General Science, Computer Science, Math, Physics.  All other majors are Bachelor of Arts majors.  BAS (Bachelor of Applied Studies) degrees are available to students who have completed selected AS, AAS, or AAA degree programs.  Once chosen a degree, the different majors will display.  Choose from among them.   Then it wants to know – do you have a second BA major, a BS major, a minor, or none.  Choose from among those options.   It is important to remember is that some majors, such as Media Studies major DO require a minor outside the School of Communication and Arts.  If selected a minor, choose from among those.  Then, your degree audit will appear, and you can view, or you can print it.

If you are an Elementary Ed major, and under that catalog, you can choose that major, or the major plus additional endorsement areas.  The degree audit doesn.t automatically know what courses you want to count toward Explorations or support work versus concentrations, so once decided on a concentration area, contact the Registrar.s Office.  They.ll code those course toward the concentration in a special way.  It.s no problem to change those as needed.  You just need to tell the Registrar.s Office that you want these to count toward that concentration, and they can fix it so they do. 

If you want to degree shop within the elementary ed catalog, options for the major include Elementary Ed, Elementary Ed with Special Ed Endorsement, Elementary Ed with Reading Endorsement, Elementary Ed with Teaching English as a Second Language endorsement, various combinations of those endorsements.  Choose one of those.  Then it will ask what 12 hour concentration you want.  (See the catalog for details on the options available within concentration areas.)

Remember, the degree audit is only a tool.  Keep in mind, you must have a 2.000 cum gpa in your major or minor, unless an education major – then the requirement is a 2.500 in the major, minor and/or concentration.  The degree audit can.t check for that, you have to do that yourself.   The degree audit is not a substitute for meeting with your advisor or for following the rules printed in the catalog.  And if there are any errors, the Registrar.s Office can correct those as they are identified.  Please contact the Registrar.s Office if you see any errors.  Students are responsible for completing the requirements as listed in the Buena Vista University catalog for their course of study.  While efforts have been made to ensure this audit's accuracy, final responsibility for meeting graduation requirements resides with you. 

If you encounter any problems, please notify the Registrar.s Office.





Your password could be set one of two ways, depending on when you joined BVU.  If you were set up after October 1, 2010, or asked to have your password reset after that date, your password is last four digits of your SSN + your 1-4 digit instructor number (faccode).  If that.s not your situation, then your password has been set to be your social security number, unless you had set it to something else (because of the DPS system, or because you are an administrative user).  At this point, the plan is to have this password never expire.  If you wish to change it to something else, you can change it inside Faculty Access, or contact 2FIX or your location.s Office.


1.  Now ready to go to Faculty Access of Campus Connect.  This is available from

 anywhere you have internet access, whether from work, home, or someplace else.

  1. From the BVU web page, choose .Faculty & Staff., .Registrar., and click on FACULTY ACCESS SYSTEM (FAS).   
  2. Enter your username (same as your Novell username) and password on the left side of the screen.
  3. You will see the following displayed on your screen:


You are now logged in. Please use the AVAILABLE OPTIONS button above to navigate through this site. If no options appear when the cursor is placed above this button, please contact 2Fix.

         Click the LOGOUT option when you have finished.


Options for Faculty                   Options for Advisors

Members Include:                      Include:


1. Course Availability                  1.  Run a Degree Audit for an Advisee

2. Course Rosters                         2. View Advisee Schedule

3. Course Grading                        3. View Advisee Grades

Note: for options #2 and #3         4. View Advisee Demographic

above,                                               Information

you only have access to               5. View Advisee Unofficial

YOUR courses                                 Transcript  

                                                     Note: for options above, you


                                                      have access to YOUR advisees






  1.   The STUDENT ADVISING option allows you to put in the name or id number of your advisee, then to view demographic information, perform degree audits, see the student.s schedule, see the student.s grades, or see an unofficial transcript.  (For more details on these features, see the student section.)  You may only view your advisees.


  1.  If you choose FACULTY MENU, an additional menu icon pops up called ADMINISTRATIVE.  Course availability, Course Roster Certify Roster, Advisee List, and Grade Entry are the options here. 


  1. If you choose ROSTER, it will ask you to select one of the term codes in the drop down box.  Then click on GO.  This will take about 20 seconds. Your courses are displayed in a drop down box and you can select the one you want to view/print.  You may select the BACK option from your toolbar to go back and select a different/additional course.


  1.  GRADE ENTRY:   ADMINISTRATIVE, GRADE ENTRY.  Select the Campus/Termcode you will be grading.  Click GO. 
    1.  Select the first course you want to grade. 
    2.  NOTE on Midterm Grading:  Midterm grades are entered in the first column.  We collect midterm grades on all students. Final Grades are entered in the second column.  To enter the grade – clicking on the arrow on the right hand side of the student.s name will display a drop down box with the valid grades.  If a student is taking the class .Pass/Fail. grading, it will only allow grade options of  P or F.  If a student has chosen the traditional grading, then it allows only A,B,C,D or F as a grade.
    3. Click on the correct grade.  Click on the next person.s grade box to move to the next student.

e.       NOTE:  You will want to click on SUBMIT button (on the bottom of the page) periodically, especially if it.s a large class, or if you may get interrupted.  The system will .Time-out. and take you back to the login page if it is not used for a period of time (about 4 minutes).  The grades you entered will disappear when it times out unless clicked SUBMIT.



f.        At the bottom of the class list, the following will display:

           If you wish to mark this course as "graded", the Registrar's office will be informed that you have posted the "final grades". This will "lock" the grades. Once the grades are "locked", Storm Lake faculty must contact the Registrar's Office and Graduate & Professional Studies (GPS) faculty must contact their site to change a grade.



  Check here if this is your final grade posting for this course:
                            Yes      No



At midterm time, this means done entering midterms.  Once midterms are all posted, courses will be .unlocked. so that when the time comes, you may enter your final grades.


6.            At this point you have two choices:

a.             If you have completed your grade entry and have verified that the grades have all been entered and are correct, then click .YES. and SUBMIT.   The grades are now .locked. in, submitted to the Registrar.s Office and are visible to the student.  Any corrections will need to be made through the Registrar.s/GPS Site Office after this point.  You may print out your grade roster if you wish by clicking on the printer icon on the page.

b.            If you have not completed your grading for this course and wish to return to this grade roster at a later point to finish entering grades then click .NO. and SUBMIT. This will .hold. the grades that you have entered, and the grades will be visible to the student, but you may return to this course and complete your grading any time prior to the deadline for submission for that term.  (Don't forget to come back to this grade roster, finish your grade entry and click on .YES. and SUBMIT to verify completed with the grading of that course.)


7.            Repeat the procedure (from #5) with your remaining courses.


8.            Contact the Registrar.s Office (712-749-2233) if you have any questions!!



The information above is listed on the Registrar.s web page under FAS/HELP DIRECTIONS.  It is also contained within FAS under the HELP option.







August 2011